Buy a Vintage Rolex 1601

Vintage Rolex Datejust 1601 Many watch collectors and newbies alike have been bitten by the vintage watch bug, but with prices of vintage Rolex jumping from the spike in demand, it’s getting harder to find a nice example at a reasonable price. So I want to share my current favorite that is definitely a great buy. It’s the Rolex 1601, and it has plenty of vintage appeal with lots of practicality as well. It’s an older version of the Datejust of which I prefer the stainless steel model, and as of today it can easily be purchased for about 1500 USD. The black, blue, and silver dial versions are easy to find, will never go out of style, and are super versatile. On the other hand, if you want something a little different with some extra flare, dial colors like salmon, green, and even orange are available. The 1601 is a perfect size for a vintage watch at 36mm not counting the crown. It stands apart from the larger watches of today without looking feminine. The plastic crystal also gives it an extra dimension of vintage styling as it stands a bit higher than the bezel of the watch and has a slight dome to it that is unmistakable to fellow watch lovers. Then you have the iconic stainless steel oyster case and either the jubilee bracelet or the oyster bracelet to bring together the whole look. The final point that makes the Rolex 1601 a must buy is the 1570 Rolex caliber that it runs on. The 1570 is the base caliber that also powers the Submariner, Seadweller, and GMT of that era, and it’s known by watchmakers as one of the most reliable and well-built movements out there. The Rolex 1601 is a great looking vintage watch that can actually be worn everyday without worry. With its current market price, this watch screams “buy me”.

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